We are proud of the school's intellectual capital and the long-standing contributions our faculty have made to knowledge creation and their dramatic impact upon business practice.

award winning faculty presents to alumni

Award-Winning Faculty

Tepper School faculty members have been frequently recognized for their contributions to the intellectual community. These include nine Nobel laureates and numerous fellowships and honors bestowed by organizations representing every major discipline in business management. Our professors are often among those with the highest rate of academic citations, and it's this cutting-edge research that students are exposed to in the classroom. Below is a recent collection of faculty awards and honors from the past few years:


Business Management Communication

Richard Young - Distinguished Publication Award (Association for Business Communication, 2017)


Business Technologies

Dokyun Lee - Best Track Paper in IT and Social Changes and Best Conference Paper (International Conference in Information Systems, 2017)

Param Vir Singh - Sandra A. Slaughter Early Career Award (INFORMS, 2015)



Laurence Ales - William H. and Frances S. Ryan Award for Meritorious Teaching (Carnegie Mellon University, April 2017)

Dennis Epple - University Professor (Carnegie Mellon University, April 2013)

Marvin Goodfriend - Honorary Advisor to the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, two-year term (Bank of Japan, January 2015)

Karam Kang - BP Junior Faculty Chair (Tepper School of Business, July 2015)

Robert Miller - Fellow, Econometrics Society (2017)

Fallaw Sowell - George Leland Bach Award for Teaching Excellence (Graduating MBA Class at Carnegie Mellon University, 2015)

Sevin Yeltekin - Leland Bach Excellence in Teaching Award (Tepper School of Business, June 2014)



Tae Wan Kim - The Best Article published in Business Ethics Quarterly for 2016, 2014 (Society for Business Ethics, May 2015) 



Burton Hollifield - Best Paper Award, Journal of Empirical Finance (2013 Auckland Finance Meeting)

Lars-Alexander Kuehn - Best Paper Award, Arizona State University (2013); Outstanding Paper in Asset Pricing (Wharton Research Data Services, 2013); The Gerald L. Thompson Teaching Award (Undergraduate Programs, Tepper School of Business, 2013)

Duane Seppi - Review of Asset Pricing Studies (RAPS) Best Paper (Society for Financial Studies, 2015)

Chester Spatt - Appointment to Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, January 2015); Appointment to Financial Research Advisory Committee (U.S. Department of the Treasury, 2014)



Peter Boatwright - Allan D. Shocker Professor of Marketing and New Product Development

Jeff Galak - Early Career Award (Society for Consumer Psychology, 2017); Early Career Award (Association for Consumer Research, 2017)


Operations Management

Mustafa Akan - Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program Grant (National Science Foundation, January 2014)

Soo-Haeng Cho - Meritorious Service Award from Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (INFORMS, December 2014); The William Pierskalla Best Paper Award from INFORMS Health Applications Society (November 2014)

Nicola Secomandi - 2014 M&SOM Meritorious Service Award (Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, March 2015)

Sridhar Tayur - Elected to the National Academy of Engineering (2017); Pierskalla Best Paper Award (INFORMS, 2015)


Operations Research

Egon Balas -  Fellow, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM, 2016)

Gérard Cornuéjols - Elected to the National Academy of Engineering (2016); Frederick W. Lanchester Prize (INFORMS, 2015)

John Hooker - Gerald Thompson Excellence in the Classroom Award (2016); Best paper award (Constraint Programming Conference, 2015); Best paper award (Computers and Chemical Engineering, 2014)

Fatma Kılınç-Karzan - Prize for Young Researchers (INFORMS, 2015); Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program Grant (National Science Foundation, January 2015); First prize for 2014 INFORMS Junior Faculty Interest Group (JFIG) Best Paper Award Competition (November 2014); BP Junior Faculty Chair (Tepper School of Business, May 2014)

Javier Peña - Bajaj Family Chair in Operations Research (Kamalnayan Jamnalaj Bajaj Foundation, October 2014)

R. Ravi - George Leland Bach Award for Excellence in the MBA Classroom (Tepper School of Business, 2013)

Michael Trick - Test of Time Award (Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on E-commerce, 2016); President of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (2016-2018 terms)


Organizational Behavior and Theory

Linda Argote12 most influential papers published in the first 50 years of the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes journal (2016); Fellow, Academy of Management (2013)

Denise RousseauAcademy of Management CAREER Award (2016); Elected, Academician (Academy of the Social Sciences, UK - National Academy of Academics, Learned Societies and Practitioners in the Social Sciences, 2014); Elected, Dean (Fellows of the Academy of Management, 2014)

Laurie Weingart - Fellow, Academy of Management (2016); Best Conference Paper - Empirical or Theoretical Award (Academy of Management, Conflict Management Division, August 2014); Best Conference Paper for the Study of Conflict in Context (Academy of Management, Conflict Management Division, 2013)



Jay Apt - Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (2013)