Joseph B. Kadane

Leonard J. Savage University Professor of Statistics and Social Sciences Emeritus




- Room 232E


Stanford University - Ph D - 1966
Harvard College - BA - 1962


  • Common Value Vs. Private Value Categories In Online Auctions: A Distinction Without A Difference?

    (author(s): Peter Boatwright, Sharad Borle, Joseph Kadane) Decision Analysis 7(1), 2010; 86-98

  • The Timing Of Bid Placement And Extent Of Multiple Bidding: An Empirical Investigation Using Ebay Online Auctions

    (author(s): Sharad Borle, Peter Boatwright, Joseph Kadane) Statistical Science 21(2), 2006; 194-205

  • The Effect Of Product Assortment Changes On Customer Retention

    (author(s): S Borle, Peter Boatwright, Joseph Kadane, JC Nunes, G Shmueli) Marketing Science 24(4), 2005; 616-622

  • A Useful Distribution For Fitting Discrete Data: Revival Of The Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution

    (author(s): G Shmueli, TP Minka, Joseph Kadane, S Borle, Peter Boatwright) Journal Of The Royal Statistical Society Series C-Applied Statistics 54, 2005; 127-142

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  • Stockouts and Restocking: Monitoring the Retailer from the Supplier's Perspective

    (author(s): Peter Stuettgen, Peter Boatwright, Joseph Kadane) Journal of Marketing Research


  • Consulting on legal cases with various firms. (January 2002 - 2002)
Joseph Kadane