Faculty Profiles

    • Saeedi

      Saeedi, Maryam

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Scheller-Wolf

      Scheller-Wolf, Alan Andrew

      Richard M. Cyert Professor of Operations Management; Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Research

    • Secomandi

      Secomandi, Nicola

      Professor of Operations Management; Head, Ph.D. Program

    • Seppi

      Seppi, Duane J.

      The BNY Mellon Professor of Finance; Head, M.S. in Computational Finance Program

    • Shea

      Shea, Catherine

      Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

    • Shourideh

      Shourideh, Ali

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Shreve

      Shreve, Steven

      University Professor of Mathematics; Orion Hoch Professor of Mathematical Sciences of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Mellon College of Science, and by Courtesy, Tepper School of Business

    • Singh

      Singh, Param Vir

      Carnegie Bosch Associate Professor of Business Technologies

    • Sirbu

      Sirbu, Marvin

      Professor of Engineering and Public Policy; Electrical and Computer Engineering and Joint Appointment at Tepper School of Business

    • Sleet

      Sleet, Christopher

      Professor of Economics; Head of Economics

    • Sowell

      Sowell, Fallaw

      Associate Professor of Economics

    • Spatt

      Spatt, Chester S.

      Pamela R. and Kenneth B. Dunn Professor of Finance

    • Spear

      Spear, Stephen E.

      Professor of Economics

    • Srinivasan

      Srinivasan, Kannan

      H.J. Heinz II Professor of Management, Marketing and Business Technologies

    • Stanton

      Stanton, Anthony P.

      Teaching Professor of Graphic Media and Director of Graphic Media Management Program

    • Stark

      Stark, V. Emily

      Assistant Teaching Professor of Business Communication

    • Stern

      Stern, Joel

      Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Finance

    • Sudbury

      Sudbury, Austin C.

      Assistant Professor of Accounting

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