Faculty Profiles

  • K

    • Kılınç-Karzan

      Kılınç-Karzan, Fatma

      Associate Professor of Operations Research

    • Kydland

      Kydland, Finn E.

      The Richard P. Simmons Distinguished Professorship; University Professor of Economics, Nobel Laureate (2004)

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    • Lamont

      Lamont, David Leland

      Associate Teaching Professor; Director, Management Games

    • Lankford

      Lankford, John

      Distinguished Service Professor of Management

    • Lee

      Lee, Dokyun

      Assistant Professor of Business Analytics; Xerox Junior Faculty Chair AY 2017-2018

    • Lee

      Lee, Sunkee

      Assistant Professor of Organizational Theory and Strategy

    • Lessem

      Lessem, Rebecca

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Lewellen

      Lewellen, Stefan

      Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance

    • Li

      Li, Hui

      Assistant Professor of Marketing

    • Liang

      Liang, Pierre Jinghong

      Professor of Accounting

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    • Manglik

      Manglik, Harsh

      Distinguished Executive in Residence and Adjunct Professor of Management

    • Markovitz

      Markovitz, Craig

      Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Mather

      Mather, John H.

      Teaching Professor of Marketing, Emeritus

    • Mawhinney

      Mawhinney, David

      Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship; Executive Director of the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship; Executive Director, Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship

    • McCallum

      McCallum, Bennett T.

      H. J. Heinz Professor of Economics, Emeritus

    • Miller

      Miller, Robert A.

      Richard M. Cyert and Morris DeGroot Professor of Economics and Statistics; Professor of Economics and Strategy

    • Monroe

      Monroe, Robert T.

      Associate Teaching Professor of Business Technologies; Co-Director of the MS in Product Management program

    • Montgomery

      Montgomery, Alan

      Professor of Marketing

    • Mukhopadhyay

      Mukhopadhyay, Tridas

      Deloitte Consulting Professor of e-Business; Professor of Business Technologies

    • Muller

      Muller, Nicholas Z.

      Associate Professor of Economics, Engineering, and Public Policy; Lester and Judith Lave Development Chair in Economics, Engineering, and Public Policy

    • Murphy

      Murphy, Melissa

      Adjunct Professor of Marketing

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