Research Innovation

The Tepper School maintains a variety of research centers that explore a wide range of disciplines, often collaborating with other colleges across the Carnegie Mellon campus in advancing theory and practice.
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    • Accelerate Leadership Center

      The Accelerate Leadership Center offers 1-to-1 coaching, a series of leadership workshops and Leadership Development Certification for students to create action plans that advance their personal and professional leadership goals.

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    • Carnegie Bosch Institute

      The Carnegie Bosch Institute (CBI) is a unique alliance between the Tepper School and the Bosch Group dedicated to supporting, educating and developing globally minded managers.
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    • Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center

      The center works with industry, government and others to address strategic problems of the industry. Research, doctoral training, and course development are essential to its mission.
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    • Center for Behavioral Decision Research

      The center provides research support in a mixture of facilities, research assistants, and direct funding of new research projects using the tools of psychology, economics and neuroscience.
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    • Center for Marketing Technology and Information

      We collaborate throughout the university for industry marketers interested in engaging in exploration of innovative marketing technologies.

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    • Center for Organizational Learning, Innovation and Knowledge

      Researchers are making fundamental contributions to our understanding of learning and innovation in groups, organizations, and social networks across disciplines.
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    • Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

      The Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurial Studies connects students, faculty and practitioners with groundbreaking research from the university's world-class schools.
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    • Green Design Institute

      Works with companies, government agencies and foundations to develop design, management, manufacturing, and regulatory processes to improve environmental quality and product quality while enhancing economic development.
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    • PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation

      The PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation fosters collaborative research in business, consumer behavior, computer science, engineering and public policy.
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