The Center for Marketing Technology and Information produces research on a variety of topics. Recent papers have studied the impact of privacy on marketing, social network marketing and the semantic world wide web. Additionally, more empirical based research is being done in the areas of virtual reality, such as in the center’s new virtual store simulation.

To link practitioners and academics, the center runs conferences inviting scholars and practitioners to present papers and insights designed to identify key research issues that can be studied by the center’s fellows.


A review paper designed for managers which discusses many of the current privacy issues related to marketing technology and information which firms are facing. This is a critical topic for managers because its privacy strategy is going to determine the firm’s ability to access customer information which is becoming vital to successful marketing.

Virtual Store

There are many marketing research questions which cannot be easily answered using either traditional marketing research methods or in-store controlled experiments which include sources of retail price image, estimating new product sales under different marketing conditions and the impact of different retail store layouts and adjacencies. The virtual store is a 3-D environment in which product images can be displayed in a retail store with the ability to change the offerings in seconds. This allows researchers to answer many different questions about how consumers make in-store purchases.