The Center for Marketing Technology and Information works to:

  • Provide R&D on critical problems that sponsors do not have staff expertise or time to solve.
  • Provide innovative solutions to a sponsor’s problems by understanding, translating, or creating leading-edge academic research methods.
  • Create proprietary tools to give sponsors a competitive advantage.

How We Work With Sponsors:

  • Create a problem definition and project scoping document.
  • Identify both faculty and sponsor’s staff who will be responsible for the project.
  • Develop a project proposal with time lines, deliverables and costs.
  • Create a series of project milestones to manage and bench market the project.
  • Produce the deliverables.
  • Develop publications, reviewed by the project’s sponsor, to be submitted to academic journals.

Sponsoring firms to date include:

  • Colgate – Virtual Store
  • Procter & Gamble
  • First Horizon Corporation
  • NPD
  • Tod Johnson – Center endowment


Please contact Robert Blattberg, executive director, at rblattberg@cmu.edu for more information about the benefits of CMTI sponsorship.