Grants & Project Funding

The center offers four types of grants to encourage research and education to fulfill its mission: large research grants, small research grants, course project grants and educational forum grants.

Grant funding sources may include PNC's financial gifts to the center, sponsored research grants from PNC, educational grants for executive education or other external funding sources. 

Large Research Grants

It is expected that the center will be able to fund a few large research grant projects annually. Some of these grants may be multi-year grants and may involve teams of faculty and students working together. There will be at least one call for large research proposals each year that will be oriented around the research agenda priorities set by the center. Additionally, the PNC Center may commission projects using large research grants. The purpose of these large research grants is to focus a significant amount of the center’s resources around a small number of projects and cultivate their success.

Small Research Grants

The PNC Center will be able to fund several small research grant projects each year. Small research grants are intended to stimulate a wide variety of research, are typically of shorter duration and are able to seed riskier research proposals. Potentially recipients of these small research grants may apply for large research grants or may be commissioned by the center to expand their research. There will be two calls for small research grants each year and evaluated by the operating committee. Recipients of these small research grants will present their findings at a research forum organized by the center.

Course Project Grants

Course project grants are meant to support teams of faculty and students to address real problems proposed by PNC that are identified by the operating committee. These projects may involve the design and implementation of a technical innovation related to financial services. A prototype implementation may potentially be required. The project team will have direct access to their PNC sponsor to negotiate the scope of the project, achieve agreement on deliverables, and secure sponsor approval of interim deliverables. The center will provide for a periodic evaluation of course project proposals.

Education Grants

Education grants are specifically meant to advance the educational mission of the center. Potentially uses of education grants include workshops, seminars, retreats, executive education programs, case competitions, online programs, and other appropriate venues for disseminating knowledge related to the mission of the center. The center will provide for a mechanism for continual evaluation of education proposals.