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Business to Business Marketing

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Business-to-business marketing has emerged with significant and strategic momentum in business organizations. At the corporate strategy level, marketing has become a contributor to the determination of the direction for the firm's resource base by understanding (the market place), generating (competitive position) and delivering (operations and distribution) value to the most appropriate customer segment in the marketplace. This is a complex matching process today and now is described as business market management. The value premise and delivery has elevated business marketing to being a core participant for determining the purpose of the asset base of an organization. Determining the best "fit" between targeted segment needs and the configuration of resources in a dynamic market and competitive set is marketing's role in business today. The short term goal is acquisition of customers and long term, is the retention of customers.

The present strategic importance of marketing in companies has resulted from significant changes that have occurred in business-to-business marketing during the past two decades. In the recent past equated to sales and traditional supplier contacts, business-to-business marketing initially borrowed and transferred from consumer marketing thought and practice. But the emergence of a separated, but related marketing discipline in business has been accelerated by technology, globalization, competition and new customer focus. Business-to-business firms are developing and applying targeting, positioning and delivery strategies to gain and retain customers, develop new markets and serve a global society.

The course content will examine, evaluate and illustrate the critical role marketing occupies in the myriad relationships organizations require, build, revise, test and plan to deliver value to the ultimate end user in the marketplace. Utilizing the readings, cases, lectures and class discussion, the role marketing assumes in organizations will be examined. Specifically, the interplay between marketing strategy and corporate strategy, other business functions, and the critical execution of marketing delivery processes will be presented. Numerous models will be shared that contribute to the thinking and delivery of marketing strategy and plans today in the business-to-business environment. Marketing continues to evolve due to dynamics of information technology and data systems in the organization, increased emphasis on the global marketplace and competitive challenges to allocate resources to the best user fit. As products and services are focused on value delivered to the user and the resultant impact, the role of marketing today increases in importance and influence within the organization by matching resources to marketplace opportunities. This course explores the many dimensions of marketing's specific role in the organization as well as the numerous relationships that must exist to achieve success in the global marketplace. (6/2013)


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk