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Innovation Ecosystems

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Business Technologies

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Innovation, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage, seldom happens in a vacuum. Networks are the key to bringing knowledge to bear in new contexts, and in remixing ideas in fruitful and unexpected ways. This course will cover innovation ecosystems from management, social science, and technical perspectives. The students will gain intellectual and practical tools needed to prosper in today's highly interconnected business environments. Topics Covered: Platform leadership, Ecosystem roles and business models, Formation and life cycle of innovation networks, Platform design and multi-sided markets, The case for open innovation, Platform openness and ecosystem governance, Users as sources of innovation, The power of informal networks and weak tie, and Regional networks. Format: Lectures, case discussions, short student presentations on agreed topics, guest presentations. Students will develop, analyze, and present a proposal for an innovative, ecosystem-based business. Prerequisites none.


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk