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Presenting Competitively

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Business Management Communications

Course Description

This course provides opportunities for you to hone your business leadership skills by competing in five in-class contests, debates, and case competitions with other MBA students.

Competitive presentation techniques are absolutely essential to every MBA’s toolkit. It isn’t enough to pull together a killer analysis and deliver an informative presentation…you have to win your audience over. You have to sell them on your recommendations and on your own credibility in the face of competing ideas, competing firms, and competing agendas.

This course combines traditional classroom instruction with multiple opportunities for students to present the pros and cons of cases drawn from the business world. The unique format of this course will enable the instructors and other students in the class to give you tangible, useful suggestions based on your performance in executive-level situations similar to real-world environments.

Additional topics:
* Persuasive argument
* Debate
* Issue framing
* Case analysis
* Person perception
* Heuristics and biases
* The visual display of quantitative information

Textbook requirements: None [Please change to "Recommended textbook:

How Audiences Decide: A Cognitive Approach to Business Communication, Richard O. Young, New York: Routledge. 2011.  ]

The topics covered in this course are relevant to/for:
* Consulting
* General management
* Strategy and strategic planning
* Product management
* Operations management
* Entrepreneurship
* Investment banking
* IT management
* Management Game

The outcome goals/objectives/principles of this course will provide an understanding of:
* Persuasive vs. data-driven analytical processes.
* Audience management, including dealing with audiences with political agendas.
* Hypothesis-driven case analysis, including the “Story-lining” technique.
* Efficient slide preparation, including the “Ghost-decking” technique.
* Case presentation skills, including the judicious use of emotional appeals.
* Rebuttals and counter-argument techniques.

Assignments relative to this course:
Student teams will compete in five in-class contests, debates, and case competitions.
Students will give feedback to the competing teams and decide on the winners.

Grades will be based on the instructor's evaluations of three main elements: the students’ use of techniques presented in class, overall persuasiveness of the presentations, and quality of feedback given to others. While certainly helpful, it is not absolutely necessary to “win” all five competitions in order to earn a superior grade.  (10/12-RY)



Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk