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The Business of Healthcare Innovations

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William Kaigler,





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Course Objectives - The course provides a broad overview of business trends in the manufacturing segment (the “production side) of the healthcare industry, with emphasis on the strategic, competitive, and financial challenges in its major market segments: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (Biopharma), medical devices, & medical IT. The industry will be discussed in the context of its placement in the value chain of the HealthCare industry which in the United States accounts for more than ~$2Trillion of expense or about 17.5% of US GDP (and growing). However, the industry is global. Students will be expected to develop an understanding of the industry structure, issues, challenges, and strategies for competitiveness and innovation (sustained, disruptive and open).  Topics to be included are: overviews of each industry segment including emerging trends and opportunities driven by SET factors (societal, economic, technology); business models for monetizing IP (dynamic rent seeking) thru implementation of open innovation; financing innovation via partnering, alliances, mergers and acquisitions; and, convergences across industry sectors. We also include the legal, regulatory and reimbursement that healthcare innovators must navigate as non-market factors.


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk