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Evolving Toward High Impact Leadership

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Organizational Behavior and Theory

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Course Title: Evolving Toward High Impact Leadership

Course Description:

This is a course about being effective leaders and will help students prepare for career journeys of high impact leadership. It is based on three important premises - that as people progress in their careers, the capability most prized by organizations is Leadership; that critical aspects of good leadership can be learned and proficiency improved with understanding, practice and experience; and that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own personal development, and therefore need a journey map.

The course objective is to help the students, as future leaders, understand the phenomenon of leadership and provide them with a robust conceptual framework for thinking about leadership and to equip them with understanding and key insights, including how the ideals of leadership can change in different cultures and in a rapidly shifting global landscape. This will provide a platform to set future leaders on an informed path to discovering, developing and shaping their own authentic approach as leaders. An important aspect of the course will be the need to introspect and reflect on one's own attitudes about leadership.

I believe that the core principles of leadership are common regardless of organization and the concepts developed and explored in this course would be relevant for understanding leadership in general, whether within a corporation and similar organization (such as government, military and NGO's) or in society at large.

Our approach will combine a conceptual framework with "real life". We will bring to life the conceptual framework for leadership through case studies of well known leaders and class room visits by several recognized leaders from diverse organizations. We will also learn from each other through class discussion, team based exercises, commentary and critiques, and reflective term papers. Course material from numerous sources will complement in-class learning.

This course is meant primarily for second year MBA or similar students.

Course Instructor:

The course will be led by Harsh Manglik, MSIA (1976), a globally experienced corporate leader and currently adjunct faculty at Tepper School. Most recently he was Chairman, Accenture-India and is also former Chairman of NASSCOM (  Earlier in his career he has held senior executive roles at IBM, Symantec, and United Technologies Corporation. He started his US career at Booz Allen Hamilton (now Booz & Company). (4-13)


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk