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Law of International Trade

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The Law of International Trade (45-976) is a survey introduction covering important impacts of law on trade between nations.  How do trade laws differ from country to country?  What is international law?  What country's law applies to a particular transaction?  What guidance do you need to engage in international contracts of sale, where a buyer is in one country and a seller is in another?  How are international contracts enforced in case of breach by one party?  What are the controls on imports and exports?  How are import duties calculated?  What are the obligations of the parties and the carrier in the international shipment of goods?  How are international contracts of sale financed? How are sales of services treated in international transactions?  What choices do you have in planning to manufacture or to open a business in a foreign country?  What protections are there for intellectual property sold or licensed in the international markets?  What laws govern anticompetitive practices, environmental concerns, bribery and unethical practices?  Students who have been involved in some aspect of international trade will be asked to share their experiences (DH - 10/12)


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk