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The Sustainable Business: Energy and Environmental Policies

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Economics, Business Ethics

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The Sustainable Business: Energy and Environmental Policies The modern business can no longer survive merely by selling a product or service at market price. It must now also consider the implications its operations have on society and the environment. This course will focus on fundamental issues related to business and the environment, ecosystems, climate and energy systems using a life cycle assessment framework. We will develop an understanding of various life cycle assessment tools and associated techniques, their use in measuring impacts of products, services and supply chains on pollution discharges and greenhouse gas emissions. We will explore a variety of initiatives and efforts for extended product responsibility and for triple bottom line supply chain management, carbon footprint measurement and corporate social responsibility. The course will describe current World Resources Institute-Business Council for Sustainable Development efforts to forge a reporting standard for environmental discharges, particularly carbon-dioxide emissions. (11/12 MG)


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk