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Management of Software Development for Technology Executives

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Business Technologies

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This course explores software development from a managerial perspective putting emphasis on agile software product management and development and the challenges of working with distributed teams.


The course starts by explaining the overall software development process and how these processes are implemented in different contexts, e.g. software products, systems of record and systems of engagement. Later it deepens on the Scrum method of software development to provide the students a working knowledge of one of the most widely adopted software development methods assuming the student will play the role of product owner in these teams. The last part of the course addresses the challenges presented by global development and enterprise project management and takes a look at project management offices (PMOs) as a mechanism to coordinate the use of shared resources across the organization.


The course includes a mix of traditional lectures and case studies to be discussed in class. There are no exams but the students need to submit and present two term papers. One on an individual basis and other as a group project.


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk