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Publishing on the World Wide Web

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Anthony Stanton,


Undergraduate Business



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Over the past two decades, the World Wide Web has become an essential communications venue for private individuals and businesses alike. This course examines a variety of topics related to web publishing including: the design and usability of web sites, the appropriate use of file formats, the emergence of e-commerce, the integration of other media, the increased use of mobile devices, the sudden rise of social media, the increased use of 3D environments on the web, the delivery of streaming media across the web, and other topics. The course also contains a laboratory component where students learn to make and publish functional and effective web pages first using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets, and then using Adobe Dreamweaver, one of the premiere web development software programs. The students are instructed in some of the latest web publishing methods, such as the use of HTML5, CSS3, and fluid grid design which allows the same HTML file to be automatically reconfigured for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. Open to undergraduates of all class years. Formerly course number 70-643.


Lecture: 160min/wk