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Acting for Business

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Geoffrey Hitch,

Evelyn Pierce,


Undergraduate Business



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Acting for Business (formerly entitled "Business Acting") is an opportunity to unlock your potential as a communicator through becoming proficient, thorough and masterful at the principles and through a practical interpretation of the techniques of Acting. The course concerns itself with: a new self-awareness and greater confidence in public communication; the expansion and diversification of one's range of personal expression; methods to more effectively shape a public performance and of empowering the student to put his/her best self forward when in contact with an audience; and a re-investment in passion. The course focuses on the goals of:  1) solving issues regarding personal confidence; 2) commanding the space; 3) expanding one's personal comfort zone; 4) achieving the "Audience-Pleasing Form;" 5) utilizing the V.A.T. Communication Tools and 6) beginning to learn the stages in the "Seven Stages to Executive Presence." The participants identify their individual challenges and confront those challenges head-on through the various assignments.


Lecture: 160min/wk