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Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

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Param Singh,


Undergraduate Business


Business Technologies

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This course explores issues related to digital and social media marketing. This is a hands-on class where you will use real world data, case studies and participation in Google online marketing challenge. The following topics would be covered in detail: (a) Search Engine Optimization - you will learn how search engines, keyword auctions, and search engine marketing work, and how to optimize your pay per click advertisement efforts; (b) Econo-Mining - you will also learn on how firms are getting or can get useful information from user generated content using text mining and opinion mining capabilities to drive their product development, placement and advertisement decisions. Using real world data you will analyze whether the traditional approaches for driving advertising or product development strategy are in alignment with what you learn from user generated content; (c) Social Media Marketing - you will learn how to design a social media marketing campaign. What are the key ingredients that make such campaigns successful? How do you run a campaign for a viral product; (d) Forecasting Demand Using Publicly Available Online Search Data - you will learn how to build better forecasting models for demand using Google search data (Google Trends and Insights); (e) Wisdom of the Crowds: we will cover how to design crowdsourcing contests, what and how to crowdsource. You will also learn what prediction markets are, how they work, how to design them, when prediction markets are successful and what kinds of questions are best suited for prediction markets.


Lecture: 160min/wk