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Client Consulting Project

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Sunder Kekre,


Undergraduate Business


Operations Management

Course Description

This is a project course for senior business majors offered in partnership with real-world client companies. Teams of five to six students are given a client to engage with for the semester on a specific consulting project assignment. Students will learn about the challenges of the multi-dimensional and complex issues faced by managers, including learning the concepts and skills to handle ambiguity, perform a persuasive data analysis, and communicate the findings effectively. Students will develop a deeper understanding of how organizations can co-ordinate and leverage synergies across a range of disciplines by effective deployment of technologies and organizational structures and processes. Teams will have an opportunity to work with clients on a wide mix of problems spanning multiple functions, including strategy, operations, technology and marketing. Specifically, teams will address issues such as big data, mobile application strategies, supply chain, digital media, complexity management, health care delivery models and healthcare marketing strategy. Regular meetings with the instructor will be scheduled to guide teams during client engagement and co-ordinate with the executives at their client company. The deliverables will be in the form of a report/prototype and a final presentation to the client's executive team.


Colloquium: 50min/wk