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Technology Jobs and the Future of Work

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Shu Lin Wee,


Undergraduate Economics


Additional Major in Economics, Additional Major in Economics and Statistics, B.A. in Economics, B.S. in Economics, B.S. in Economics and Mathematical Sciences, B.S. in Economics and Statistics, Minor in Economics

Course Description

SPRING The aim of this course to provide students with an in-depth analysis of the US labor market and what role technology has in shaping labor market outcomes. This course will look at the factors influencing wage returns, the outcomes of job-search and also require students to undertake a hands-on analysis of data. Topics of interest are as follows: 1. What affects wage outcomes of workers? 2. What's happening to the labor share and what are the reasons for its decline? 3. What is the role of comparative advantage and how has increasing automation changed the returns to job-search for some individuals? 4. What is job polarization and what are the factors affecting the mobility of workers between occupations and jobs? (Lecture, 3 hours). Minimum grade of "C" required in all economics pre-requisite courses.


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk


(21256) AND (73230) AND (73240)