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Emerging Markets

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Laurence Ales,


Undergraduate Economics


B.A. in Economics, B.S. in Economics, B.S. in Economics and Statistics, B.S. in Economics and Mathematical Sciences, Additional Major in Economics, Additional Major in Economics and Statistics, Minor in Economics

Course Description

INTERMITTENT The aim of the course is to understand the economic, political and institutional forces that spur or hinder business activity and success in emerging economies. The course is designed to provide an overview of fiscal, monetary, trade and labor market policies adopted in emerging economies and how these policies have impacted and continue to impact small and large businesses, investment opportunities and the growth potential of these countries. The course will focus on successful emerging economies such as India, China, Chile, Brazil, with broader lessons and comparisons drawn from developed countries, as well as from failures in other developing nations. (Lecture, 3 hours). Minimum grade of "C" required in all economics pre-requisite courses.


Lecture: 160min/wk


(21256) AND (73230) AND (73240)