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      The Tepper Custom Program Experience

      At Carnegie Mellon, academic excellence is merged with practicable business experience directly translated for implementation that solves real problems.

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      Leadership for Women

      From the executive to the woman on the way up, today’s outstanding female managers face distinct challenges. Growing organizations, particularly in expanding technical fields, can struggle to develop and retain female managerial talent.

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      Advanced Analytics

      As big data burgeons and companies grapple with integrating analytics from decentralized business units, experienced managers of technology-driven companies recognize the need to translate quantitative model insights into strategic decision making.

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      Innovation and Technology

      To maintain and increase their edge, executive leaders look to Tepper Executive Education at Carnegie Mellon — a university that holds the singular position as a front-runner in three contributing disciplines: computer science, business and design. 
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      General Management

      As a growing company, it’s crucial to effectively manage your rapid progress, particularly as it applies to the most critical resource – your human capital. Too often, an organization’s expansion moves faster than internal development efforts can practically keep up. 

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