Building Networks of Influence Workshop

Learn to grow professional relationships without golf balls and cold calls.
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LOCATION: Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business
Executive Education
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Learn how to live in, build and optimize a robust web of relationships that will shape how you and those in your sphere grow.

Productivity is the key word for one’s early career, but people is the key word for the next stage. Here, your potential is no longer measured on how well you perform (that’s the assumed minimum) but on how well you manage people and build networks of influence. At Carnegie Mellon, we recognize that the aspirations of many women are multidimensional. We work for many reasons, including: creating connections to colleagues; giving back to community; recognition; and more. To sustain our ambition, we need to tap into the full range of our aspirations.

Participant takeaways:

  • A clear understanding of the vital importance of strong networks for career success.
  • Clarity on how to build networks of influence while being true to yourself.
  • An assessment of the quality of their own networks.
  • An enhanced network through structured group interaction and boost in numbers of people they now know and who know them.
  • Reclaimed ambition, enthusiasm and tools to sustain drive.
  • Newly identified role models.
  • Boosted confidence.

  • Program Overview

    This unique professional development experience delivers immediate applicable skills to enhance one’s career. Learn how to establish strategic and meaningful network connections and come to understand that developing powerful internal and external networks is a vital leadership skill and not about social activity. Practice what it looks like to lead through your network, expand your business relationships, and showcase your leadership skills in a risk-free environment.

  • Participants

    This program is designed for successful women with a desire to accelerate their careers, hone leadership skills, and build business relationships. Professionals across diverse functions and industries should apply.

  • Fee and Terms

    Fee: The program fee of $2,500 per participant covers instruction, course materials, coaching, and most meals. A non-refundable $250 deposit will be invoiced at the time of registration. The balance of the program fee is due in full prior to the start of the program.

    Accommodation: Logistic details will be communicated to participants after registration. Cost of accommodation is not included in the program fee. Recommendations for local hotel options can be provided, however rooms reservations and transportation are the responsibility of the participant.

    Cancellation policy:

    • All requests to cancel must be received in writing.
    • Qualified substitutes for registration can be accommodated.
    • Cancellations forfeit the deposit fee.