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Consulting / Strategy


    • Employment Reps

      Full-Time Reports

      Access our database for annual figures on full-time salaries, recruiters, functions and acceptances.

    • Internship Reps

      Internship Reports

      Access our database for a break-out of statistics for summer internship salaries, acceptances and recruiting partners.

    • Career Services


      Tepper alumni working in top consulting firms and internal corporate strategy groups actively recruit our students.


    • Employment Statistics

      Career Center

      The Career Opportunities Center is your bridge to a rewarding career. Our recruiter relationships, access to specific employers, industry expertise, and proven techniques are the foundation of your MBA career.

    • Career Paths

      Career Paths

      Our grads pursue careers with consulting, general management within corporations and strategic planning/business development.

    • Networking


      Through a variety of on and off-campus events (Career Fairs, Corporate Presentations, Company Visits), MBA students have opportunities to network with Tepper Alumni and industry leaders.


    • Curriculum


      Strategy courses are in Mini 1, and the list of electives spans strategy, technology, risk, ethics and finance topics.

    • Faculty


      Access is our advantage, with faculty who bring cutting-edge knowledge and research to each class.

    • Professional Clubs

      Professional Clubs

      For Consulting Careers: Consulting, Business & Technology, Graduate Finance Association, Marketing, Operations and Healthcare.