About Our Mini-Semester

The mini-semester is an academic format that allows Tepper MBAs to significantly broaden their course options with four “minis” per academic year.

We are proud of the legacy and popularity of “the mini,” as it’s called here. First introduced in 1970, the mini-semester started at Carnegie Mellon’s business school and has become a mainstay of programs that value both breadth and depth within the MBA program.

We split the typical semester system in half, creating four mini-semesters per academic year.

  • 6.5 weeks long
  • Students typically take 4-5 different courses each mini-semester
  • Provides exposure to a wide range of topics among nearly 200 elective courses

The mini gets students off the blocks very quickly, and our approach quickens the pace of discovery that allows students to make an immediate impact. In fact, recruiters tell us the mini is reason our students perform so well during their internships.

What makes this rigorous structure so effective? Our small class size ensures that the school’s practice of integrating teamwork throughout the MBA experience becomes a necessary exchange of ideas and learning. We believe everybody brings something to the table. The diversity of professional backgrounds and experiences combined with high expectations of academic performance ensure each student is prepared to capitalize on leadership opportunities they will find throughout their careers.

As students explore various options for career paths, the mini also allows the necessary flexibility to explore courses from across the Carnegie Mellon campus. Tepper MBAs have unlimited access to courses, researchers and fellow graduate students at any of the other Carnegie Mellon colleges. Many of our students quickly network and establish contacts at the university’s renowned College of Engineering, School of Computer Science, The Robotics Institute, and Heinz College of Public Policy.

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