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In keeping with our tradition of innovation, the MBA faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

    • 45751 Optimization

      This course covers fundamental optimization tools for quantitative analysis in the management sciences. The central topics of study are linear integer and nonlinear programming. Special emphasis is placed on linear programming particularly on modeling business applications and on sensitivity analysi... Read More
    • 45752 Statistical Decision Making

      The objective of this course is to help you learn to analyze data and use methods of statistical inference in making business decisions. This course focuses on application of fundamental concepts from Probability and Statistics to drawing inferences from data. Topics covered during the first part of... Read More
    • 45760 Operations Management

      Operations management is unique and, to some degree, represents a paradox because it is concerned with one of the oldest and also the most newly engineered information driven activities. Production and logistics activities - such as communication, inventory management,warehousing, transportation, fa... Read More
    • 45770 Corporate Strategy

      This course focuses on strategy as the search for rents among opportunities that are entrepreneurial, dynamic, and evolutionary.  In this way this course presents “strategy as progress” as a complement to strategy as positioning. Here, the distinguishing feature of the economy is th... Read More
    • 45790 Management Presentations

      This is the first course in a three-course management communication core sequence designed to prepare you for the challenging demands of communicating strategically as leaders in formal business situations. The course educational objective: Develop sophisticated communication strategies and techniqu... Read More
    • 45791 Interpersonal Managerial Communication

      To execute business objectives effectively, managers communicate on an interpersonal level with an array of people that includes employees, co-workers, senior executives, directors, investors, clients, vendors, distributors, union leaders, government officials and others. This theory-into-practice c... Read More
    • 45792 Writing for Managers

      This course focuses on best practices in written communication for business people in managerial and executive positions.  Students will learn how to: target decision-making audiences at all corporate levels with precise, problem-solving language; write effective email that encourages results; ... Read More
    • 45800 Corporate Financial Reporting

       This course is designed to strengthen your ability to correctly interpret financial statements and their accompanying disclosures. The course is aimed at anyone whose career might involve working with accounting data and should be especially useful for those interested in consulting and financ... Read More
    • 45801 Financial Statement Analysis

      STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TAKE THIS COURSE FOR PASS/FAIL 1. Course objectives: This course is about fundamental analysis using financial statements.  We develop and apply tools to help us understand firm activities that generate shareholder value.  We also study earnings management, e... Read More
    • 45802 Valuation and Financial Information

      This course combines accounting and finance theory to answer the following two questions: What is a stock worth? What is the expected return from a stock given its spot market price? Answering these questions is important in today’s world which is increasingly dominated by high frequency volum... Read More
    • 45803 Strategy, Performance Measurement and Corporate Governance

      The course studies the role of managerial accounting systems in developing, communicating, and implementing an organization's strategy.  Much of the course is focused on incentive issues throughout the organization, including the board of directors (corporate governance), top management team (e... Read More
    • 45805 Lean Entrepreneurship

      Lean Entrepreneurship  is one of two introductory entrepreneurship course offered to Tepper School of Business students and to graduate students from other CMU schools and colleges, as places are available. [The other introductory course is Entrepreneurial Alternatives (45806) – this cour... Read More
    • 45806 Entrepreneurial Alternatives

      Entrepreneurial Alternatives will examine paths of entrepreneurship outside of high-growth, new venture creation.  In particular, the course will focus on tactical elements of business acquisition and franchise purchase including target evaluation, financial analysis of targets, business valu... Read More
    • 45807 Commercialization and Innovation: Strategy

      Commercialization and Innovation, Strategy (45-807) focuses on innovation (transformational or disruptive innovations and by sustained innovations) and on the development of open innovation business models and market strategies required to introduce these innovations into the market, grow thru marke... Read More
    • 45808 Gaining Advantage through Sales

      Ever wonder if you are or could be an effective salesperson? Curious what skills a salesperson has that you can benefit from learning? Debating what style of selling works best in a large company compared to an early stage one?  How do you incentivize a salesperson?  What are the most effe... Read More
    • 45809 Science of Growth

    • 45810 Money, Banking and Financial Markets

      Economics 45-810: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets Mini 3, Spring 2013--Professor Marvin Goodfriend           This course employs a modern macroeconomic model of monetary policy to explain the interplay between real, monetary, and financial macroecon... Read More
    • 45811 Monetary Policy in the US and Abroad

      Economics 45-811: “Monetary Policy in the US and Abroad” Mini 4, Spring 2013--Professor Marvin Goodfriend  The course employs a two-country model of international trade and finance to explain the determination of the exchange rate, the terms of trade, the trade balance, financial fl... Read More
    • 45812 Market Design

    • 45817 Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition