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In keeping with our tradition of innovation, the MBA faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

    • 45820 Finance II

      Finance II is the prerequisite for all finance electives.  The course develops the concepts and tools needed to analyze publicly traded securities, and to apply the tools to real world situations problems such as optimal portfolio formation, cost of capital estimation, interest rate risk manage... Read More
    • 45821 Investment Analysis

      The objective of Investment Analysis is to introduce you to the tools used by investment professionals to manage assets and their risks. The course covers optimal asset allocation, its performance evaluation, and risk management. The goal is to apply basic tools in finance as such mean-variance port... Read More
    • 45822 Corporate Finance

      "Applied Corporate Finance (45-822) is a case-based elective course that covers topics in capital budgeting, corporate valuation, payout policy, capital structure, and real options. The aim of the course is to highlight the value of financial theory in solving practical problems facing financial man... Read More
    • 45823 Options

      This course covers derivative markets, valuation and risk management. Derivatives are financial instruments that “derive” their value from an underlying asset. Derivatives contracts come in a variety of forms, including forwards, futures, options and swaps, and are used by corporation... Read More
    • 45824 Venture Capital and Private Equity

    • 45825 International Finance

      "This course will cover issues related to both international financial markets and the financial operations of a firm within the international environment.  Topics will include the structure and functioning of the international currency and money markets; identification, measurement, and manage... Read More
    • 45826 Real Estate

      Real Estate The aim of this course is to introduce students to many of the a) institutional arrangements associated with real estate transactions and b) provide a framework for understanding valuation and transactions in these markets. Among the topics we plan to cover are the role of various types ... Read More
    • 45827 Private Equity Finance

    • 45828 FinTech

    • 45830 Marketing Research

      This course is aimed at the manager who is the ultimate user of marketing research and the one responsible for determining the scope and direction of research activities. The techniques of research design, data collection and data analysis occupy an important role in the work of a marketing manager.... Read More
    • 45831 Pricing Strategy

      Course Prerequisites:  Marketing Management and Probability & Statistics or their equivalents are required. Determining the price of a product or service is one of the most important marketing decisions. It is also one of the most complex and least understood aspects of marketing. While ma... Read More
    • 45832 Brand Strategy

      This course covers why brands are important, what they represent to consumers, how companies currently manage their brands, and strategies for creating and sustaining brand equity.  (6/13-LC) Read More
    • 45833 New Product Management

      The course focuses on the strategy for introduction of new products and services. In particular the course methodologies to enable you to: a) evaluate and value new product projects, b) identify opportunities, c) design and implement a conjoint study to refine and optimize the product, and d) tailor... Read More
    • 45834 Business to Business Marketing

      Business-to-business marketing has emerged with significant and strategic momentum in business organizations.   At the corporate strategy level, marketing has become a contributor to the determination of the direction for the firm's resource base by understanding (the market place), gener... Read More
    • 45835 Business Development and Sales Management Leadership

      Requested description 3/2013 Read More
    • 45836 Consumer Behavior

      Marketing, in particular, begins and ends with the consumer – from determining consumer needs to ensuring customer satisfaction.  In this course, we will explore the most recent scientific research in marketing, psychology, and behavioral economics on judgment and decision making. We will... Read More
    • 45840 Negotiations

      In this course, students will examine the theory and practice of negotiation across a variety of settings. The course is designed to address a broad spectrum of negotiation problems that are faced by managers and professionals. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their negotiation s... Read More
    • 45841 Team Conflict and Multiparty Negotiation

      Groups and Teams in Organizations examines the design, management, and leadership of teams in organizational settings. The focus is on the interpersonal processes and structural characteristics that influence the effectiveness of groups and teams when engaged in a variety of tasks, including task pe... Read More
    • 45842 Organizational Learning and Strategic Management

      Managing knowledge effectively is key to the performance and competitiveness of organizations. The course examines how organizations innovate or create new knowledge, how they retain knowledge, and how they transfer knowledge. Strategic implications of new results on organizational learning and kno... Read More
    • 45843 Organizational Power and Influence

      Power is the ability to get things done. It is fundamental for taking action in organizations and in society. Organizations are political institutions, and effectively mobilizing resources to get things done is essential if a manager is to be effective in their job. In this course we want to unders... Read More