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In keeping with our tradition of innovation, the MBA faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

    • 45845 Ethical Leadership

      This course is designed to enable students to understand how individuals may make mistakes in ethical decision-making, foster their ability to reason carefully and thoroughly about the ethical implications of managing organizations and people, and to help them more persuasively communicate that reas... Read More
    • 45846 Ethical Issues in Business

    • 45847 Managing Across Cultures

    • 45850 Applications of Operations Research

      One of the main features of today’s business world is the ubiquitous use of technology: we would like to derive insights from numerous sources of data and add value by proposing best-fitting, cutting-edge courses of action, which are implementable in practice. This results in extremely complex... Read More
    • 45851 Data Mining

      Data Mining (also known as Machine Learning or Knowledge Discovery in Databases) involves a collection  of techniques for extracting patterns and trends in large databases. This course is a hands-on introduction to the area with an emphasis on aspects useful to business managers. At the end of ... Read More
    • 45852 Optimization Methods in Finance

      Optimization models play an increasingly important role in financial decisions. Many computational finance problems ranging from asset allocation to risk management, from option pricing to model calibration, can be efficiently solved using modern optimization techniques. This course covers several c... Read More
    • 45853 Optimization for Interactive Marketing

      This course is designed to meet the increasing demands from the industry and recruiters for the application of quantitative and analytical skills to support sophisticated marketing decision making. The content of the course is based on cutting-edge research in optimization and interactive marketing ... Read More
    • 45854 Optimization Models for Operations

      In a dynamic, competitive world, an organization's effectiveness depends significantly on how well its resources are managed, placing much emphasis on both strategic as well as day-to-day decisions regarding its operations. Historically, ‘operations’ have been the main application area f... Read More
    • 45855 Statistical Applications in Management

      This course has two broad objectives. One is to give you more experience in analysis of data. The other   is to add to your took kit of statistical methods. The course emphasizes learning by doing. Applications in the course demonstrate that analysis of data can be exciting (really!). The ... Read More
    • 45860 Demand Management and Price Optimization

      Matching supply with demand is an enormous challenge for firms: excess supply is costly, inadequate supply irritates customers and can yield lost revenue opportunities.  In this course we will explore how firms can improve the operational management of the demand for their products (goods or s... Read More
    • 45861 Six Sigma Tools and Techniques

      To understand six sigma we must understand its underlying philosophy, that of the modern quality movement. Therefore we will first compare and contrast the ideas of various quality “gurus,” examining the different ways to define and measure quality. In most cases, the goal should be to d... Read More
    • 45862 Supply Chain Management

      A supply chain includes supply, production, storage, distribution, and selling facilities that are connected by material, informational, and financial links.  Since facilities are not necessarily connected in a serial fashion, despite its name, a supply chain describes a network of connected fa... Read More
    • 45863 Risk Management

      In today’s world, executives must make decisions under very high degrees of uncertainty. Whether these decisions concern forecasting, capacity and supply chain planning, or financial analyses of complex financial instruments, first understanding, then modeling and finally mitigating risk is cr... Read More
    • 45864 Operations Strategy

      The goal of this course is to provide conceptual frameworks and analytical tools to optimize key decisions in formulating operations strategy and in managing operational processes.  The intended audience for this course is those who seek better understanding of the connection between operations... Read More
    • 45870 Strategic Corporate Management

      Being "strategic" means intelligently seeking your own goals in situations that involve other parties who do not share your goals. The purpose of 45-870 is to develop your understanding of strategic situations encountered as a manager. Taking 45-870 will teach you to recognize strategic opportunitie... Read More
    • 45871 Trade and Investment Strategy

       "Trade and Investment Strategy" is a strategy elective on the microstructure of trade and growth in private enterprise. It combines analytic with experimental methods to investigate strategic interactions in bidding, buying, selling, designing trading mechanisms, consumption based portfolio an... Read More
    • 45872 Technology Strategy

      The course Technology Strategy is about business strategy for technology-intensive industries.  It is not only suitable for students who wish to concentrate in strategy but also in marketing, as I cover two of the 4 P’s of marketing (Product and Price).   Examples of technology... Read More
    • 45873 Competitive Strategy

    • 45875 Government and Business

      Government at all levels can significantly affect business through regulations, international relations, funding, or the myriad of political processes and people. The way your business interacts with government can make you a success or a failure. Competitive markets are efficient only under certain... Read More
    • 45876 Intellectual Property and Internet Commerce

      For any company today, the protection of its intellectual property assets (patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets) has become of such importance that failure perils the company’s very existence.  With globalization of commerce, that protection must be pursued both within and outs... Read More