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In keeping with our tradition of innovation, the MBA faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

    • 45851 Data Mining

      Data Mining (also known as Machine Learning or Knowledge Discovery in Databases) involves a collection  of techniques for extracting patterns and trends in large databases. This course is a hands-on introduction to the area with an emphasis on aspects useful to business managers. At the end of ... Read More
    • 45872 Technology Strategy

      The course Technology Strategy is about business strategy for technology-intensive industries.  It is not only suitable for students who wish to concentrate in strategy but also in marketing, as I cover two of the 4 P’s of marketing (Product and Price).   Examples of technology... Read More
    • 45876 Intellectual Property and Internet Commerce

      For any company today, the protection of its intellectual property assets (patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets) has become of such importance that failure perils the company’s very existence.  With globalization of commerce, that protection must be pursued both within and outs... Read More
    • 45880 Strategic IT

      The goal of this course is to study the strategic role of information technology (IT) in businesses today. IT not only commands more than a third of firm capital budgets, it also is a major driver of business successes and failures. It is now clear that the road to the digital transformation of busi... Read More
    • 45881 Modern Data Management

      The objective of this course is to learn how to organize and manipulate data for making critical business decisions. “Data Management” in this course includes both the analysis of various sizes and types of data and their synthesis into fact-based, data-driven recommendations with illust... Read More
    • 45882 Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

      This course posits to explore issues related to digital and social media marketing. This is a hands-on class where you will use real world data. We will cover the following topics in class.  Search Engine Optimization: how search engines, keyword auctions, and search engine marketing work, and how ... Read More
    • 45885 Information Security and Privacy

      Description: As layers upon layers of technology mediate increasingly rich business processes and social interactions, issues of information security and privacy are growing more complex too. This course takes a multi-disciplinary perspective of information security and privacy, looking at technolog... Read More
    • 45886 Innovation Ecosystems

      Innovation, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage, seldom happens in a vacuum. Networks are the key to bringing knowledge to bear in new contexts, and in remixing ideas in fruitful and unexpected ways. This course will cover innovation ecosystems from management, social science, and t... Read More
    • 45887 Mobile and IoT Computing Services

      Students enrolled in 45-887 who only want to work on a team project in mini 3, should contact Linda Moreci ( to enroll for an extra 3 units of credit under 08-767.” Course Description Read More
    • 45888 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction for Technology Executives

      See full information: Human computer interaction (HCI) is an interdisciplinary field in which computer scientists, engineers, psychologists, social scientists, and design professionals play important roles. The goal of HCI is to solve real problems in... Read More
    • 45930 The Art and Science of Prediction

      Most managers are ill equipped to predict key events or numbers, having neither the technical skills nor the right mindset.  All levels of an organization need to make predictions ranging from numerical forecasts of sales and earnings to predictions in which they have very limited data availabl... Read More
    • 45951 Business Networks

      This is a course on how social, economic and information agents involved in a business are connected, and how the study of these networks sheds light on these connections. Topics will include closure, ties and balance in organizational networks, auctions and their extensions to matching markets, and... Read More
    • 45980 Big Data

      Course Name: Big Data Course Description: In this course we look at the phenomenon of 'Big Data' as an emerging force in the global business environment. The course will offer a conceptual foundation for capturing, managing, and analyzing enormous amounts of data to make better business decisio... Read More
    • 45981 Strategic Technology to Revitalize Business

      This course is about the art of invention and the strategic use of technologies that can help corporations in crisis or corporations that need to improve their competitive position.  We will analyze case-studies of corporations in crisis (of various kinds) and learn how to rationally utilize ne... Read More
    • 45983 Business Technologies Project

    • 45985 Advanced Information Security & Privacy

      The objective of the course is to introduce students to the... Read More
    • 45987 Mobile and loT Computing Project

      “This section is for Tepper students who enroll in 45-887 and want to work on a team project in both mini 3 and mini 4.” Course Description Read More
    • 45988 Management of Software Development for Technology Executives

      This course explores software development from a managerial perspective putting emphasis on agile software product management and development and the challenges of working with distributed teams.   The course starts by explaining the overall software development process and how these processes ... Read More
    • 45989 System Architecture for Managers