Dual & Joint Degrees

Academic options provide in-depth study with other world-renowned Carnegie Mellon colleges for impressive cross-campus collaboration with other graduate students and faculty.
MBA/MSCF alum Stephano Dubuc

MBA Dual and Joint Degrees

    • MBA/Engineering

      For students with B.S. degrees in engineering, this program develops management and technical skills in leading civil and environmental engineering organizations, projects and systems. This program is offered by the Tepper School and the Carnegie Institute of Technology.
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    • MBA/Healthcare Policy

      This dual degree option is designed to focus on the economic, political and financial environment in which healthcare is delivered as well as critical key drivers and dynamics associated with managing and leading organizations across healthcare channels in the future.
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    • MBA/Juris Doctorate (Law)

      This option enables students to earn two degrees in four years. The Juris Doctorate dual degree program focuses on enabling graduates to learn and apply in an interdisciplinary fashion, more effectively merging the policy considerations underlying law and business in our society.
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    • MBA/Public Policy

      Designed for careers that interface between the private and public sectors and/or span management of business enterprises and public or not-for-profit organizations. This program is offered by the Tepper School of Business and the Heinz College of Public Policy.
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    • MBA/Software Engineering

      Carnegie Mellon's renowned School of Computer Science and Software Engineering Institute are dual degree partners.  This option focuses on technical and managerial leadership for large, complex systems combined with a management foundation for organizations' technology strategy.

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    • 3-2 MBA

      We offer a 3-2 academic program in which Carnegie Mellon students earn both a bachelor's degree and MBA during their five years at the Tepper School of Business.  This program is for Carnegie Mellon students who apply during their junior year.
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