MBA Course Requests

For Non-Degree Students
The process listed on this page applies to non-matriculating students (students not pursuing a degree) at Carnegie Mellon University.
As a non-Tepper School student, non-matriculating student you can take a maximum of four Tepper courses (24 units). You must received permission from Tepper Student Services and approval from the faculty for ALL Tepper School courses. You must complete the following steps in this order so that your request is handled in a timely manner. It is suggested that you start this process about three weeks before classes begin.

This is a request system. You are not enrolled until all four steps are completed.


Step 1

You can take up to two courses per mini and up to four courses total. Review the list of available courses; the courses listed are the only courses available. Complete the Tepper School's non-matriculating student form (pdf) and return it to

Step 2

Read the non-degree student guide (pdf) and complete the non-degree student petition form (pdf).   Return this form along with your application fee to the HUB. The HUB will create an andrew ID for you in order for you to access the student online information system (SIO). It is your responsibility to make sure that your request is approved by the Tepper School’s deadlines, which differ from the University’s.

Step 3

It is your responsibility to contact the faculty teaching each course to seek approval to join the course. Once you have the faculty’s approval, forward the email to

Step 4

After advisor and faculty approval have been received, you will be placed on the internal Tepper School roster or waitlist. You will receive an automatic email regarding your status.  About two business days after receiving the email from “add/drop”, check the SIO. If the course appears on the SIO, you are successfully registered. If you do not see the course after three business days, contact

You must allow at least three weeks to complete this process. If you have any questions, please contact

Tepper School deadlines are different than University deadlines. You must adhere to the Tepper School's add/drop deadlines. For more information, go to Tepper School Academic Calendar.