Our MBA Academic Approach

From our core and elective coursework focused on leadership development and analytics to our mini-semester format and capstones, our academic approach emphasizes the study and application of key business drivers as well as breadth and depth across multiple industries and functional areas.

The Tepper School is one of the few business schools that prepares students in both leadership development and analytical decision making. This powerful combination, when coupled with our rigorous curriculum that is grounded in business fundamentals, equips students to make strategic recommendations and put their newly-honed leadership skills into action. The Tepper MBA program is structured to provide an integrated view of business and prepare students to manage, lead and solve complex business problems.

Our “mini-semester” allows Tepper MBAs to significantly broaden their course options. We split the typical semester system in half, creating four 6.5-week mini-semesters per academic year, which equates to double the number of courses taken in a semester. This format quickens the pace of discovery, which allows our MBAs to make an immediate impact in their internships and careers. According to our recruiters, this extensive preparation is one reason our students perform so well.

Key Components of the Tepper MBA Program

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  • Analytics in the Core: Your analytical toolkit will be built through coursework, team projects and experiential learning that give you fundamental analytical tools and integrate your new skills for on-the-job application. 
  • Leadership Development: Our Accelerate Leadership Center provides a customized leadership skills assessment, one-on-one coaching and a personal leadership development roadmap. Coaches work with you to develop key leadership qualities and behaviors that will lead to your career success.
  • Required Courses: Students gain a solid understanding of analytics, marketing, finance, operations, accounting, economics, organizational behavior and strategy. Our curriculum emphasizes mastery of management fundamentals in year one.
  • Elective Courses: Select from a wide range of topics among nearly 200 elective courses that will accelerate your learning and career opportunities.
  • Concentrations: Choose from 12 concentrations. These courses build upon the preparation from core coursework, as well as the summer internship experience.
  • MBA Tracks: MBA tracks provide an opportunity for in-depth study in a particular field or career path through a sequence of targeted electives and an industry-focused capstone experience.
  • MBA Capstone Courses: Capstones courses are immersive academic experiences designed to put theory into practice. Students choose from management simulation, real-world consulting, study abroad, or a capstone within a track.