"I have never been surrounded by so many passionate and driven people."


Finance-focused. Learning mandarin. Former Country boy.

I grew up in a small town about ten minutes away from the lake from which our town got its name. I made the transition from country boy to city slicker when I attended Penn State in Erie to pursue a degree in business economics and finance. After locking down a job and spending two years with a company in Pittsburgh, I realized that I wanted something more with my education. I have always been passionate about finance, but I wanted to learn quantitative skills and strategies to supplement that passion and be able to implement it in business.

That’s when I decided to get my MBA from Carnegie Mellon. It made perfect sense: the curriculum, the recruiters coming to campus and the amazing people I met while a prospective student. Being a young student has definitely been a challenging and rewarding experience, and I’m glad I chose to come to this school when I did. In my spare time, I enjoy many hobbies, including soccer, volleyball, investing, reading, learning Mandarin, racquetball and cooking. I love talking to people and am always open to new experiences!

Your Life + Tepper

The Tepper School is amazing. I have never been surrounded by so many passionate and driven people. When you look around, it’s hard to imagine how you ended up here, but eventually you find the skills and abilities you need to leverage (and the ones you need to improve on) to be successful. Being a part-time student adds an additional bit of fun to the mix, and certainly forces you to manage your time and expectations well. The amount of resources available for a Tepper School student is incredible, and with such a motivated group, you quickly find out who you would want working beside you on projects and organizations. The extra push from both the school and your classmates is exactly what you want from an organization truly buying into your future success as a business leader, and that’s what has stuck out to me so far in the program.