"I have found the Tepper experience while working full time both challenging and very rewarding...the skills I have already developed will help my career immensely."


Fire protection engineer. Life safety consultant. Cyclist.

I am an MBA student at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and a fire protection engineer at Arup. I have been an engineering consultant for the past five years and I am pursuing an MBA to transition into management consulting, specifically corporate risk strategy and crisis management. As a fire protection engineer and life safety consultant, I get involved with life-safety strategies, risk assessments and code compliance. This involves determining a project’s risk exposure then developing risk mitigation strategies with probabilities of success.


I have found the Tepper School experience while working full-time both challenging and very rewarding. I am young in my MBA candidacy but the skills I have already developed will help my career immensely. My experiences during the Access Weekends have been rich. At the end of every mini, we get together in different cities to finish finals, network and start new classes.