"I strive every day to learn something new and contribute something more to the business world."


Ambitious. Traveler. Living the Dream.

After graduating from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, I joined Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Leadership Development Program. During these two years, I learned I have a passion for business and working in corporate America. I learned what kind of leader I want to be and that I want to do what I love and love what I do every single day of my career.

I was near the end of the Leadership Development Program rotations and starting to think about what would come next in my career. I told my parents I was going to get a job in Indirect Sourcing at Thermo Fisher, move to Pittsburgh and get my MBA part-time at the Tepper School. I said it as a joke, but it soon turned into a goal. Here I am, almost two years later, living that dream. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

There are occasionally days where I’m going nonstop from work to school and can’t remember if I ate lunch. But when possible, I take advantage of my free time by exploring Pittsburgh with Josie (my 4-year-old black lab mix), playing softball, visiting family in Ohio, attending concerts, trying new bars and restaurants, enjoying the Pittsburgh sport scene and my newest hobby — cycling!

Last fall I attended the Tepper Diversity Weekend. I’ve never once considered myself a minority until applying for business schools. It’s 2017 and women in business are still considered a minority. I left that weekend knowing the Tepper MBA will open doors and allow me to choose my own path forward in the business world.


The Tepper School has a strong culture, and my experience so far has been amazing. I have never been surrounded by so many driven and intelligent people. It’s sometimes hard to believe how I got here and how I get to learn from some of the smartest and most accomplished professors in the world.

Our part-time class consists of about 40 people, which allows us to really get to know each other, motivating and pushing each other every step of the way. We are constantly celebrating something together — surviving finals, birthdays, engagements, new babies, March Madness, new houses — you name it and we’ll celebrate it!

I thought I had a decent quantitative background but wanted to sharpen that skill set. The Tepper School has a reputation for being an academically rigorous quant school. I learned very quickly — that’s no joke! I could have attended a business school where I would breeze through classes and check the box next to “MBA,” but I chose to attend a school where I would be pushed and challenged every semester throughout the program and in the end come out a more intelligent and quantitatively strong business woman.

The most influential class I’ve had so far at the Tepper School has been Managerial Economics with professor Sowell. I thought I despised economics, but it turns out I was wrong! Sowell made what I thought was a very dry and difficult topic into something I become passionate about.

I had the pleasure of planning and leading a group of Tepper School students on a trip around Israel during spring break. We covered all of Israel while learning about the culture, history, politics, religion, food, nightlife, start-up organizations and more. It was an unforgettable experience not only because of the Holy Land we were exploring (and the amazing hummus) but also because of the group of students that were there with me. As a group, we were from four different countries and had very different political and religious viewpoints. Diversity is what makes the Tepper School such a fantastic place to learn both in and outside the classroom.

When I was in Israel, I met with a few Tepper School alums who are now living and working in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Tepper School may be small, but it’s mighty. No matter who you go in the world, you’re bound to make a Tepper connection.


My company is already benefiting from my MBA experience because I’ve become the most efficient I’ve ever been at work. Sharp time management skills were necessary from day one and continue to be the most important thing to stay ahead at work and school.