“The network I build here will be with me for life.”


IT Consultant & Business Analyst. Tepper community-focused. Bharatanatyam dancer. 

My parents had transferrable jobs, so I grew up in six different cities. I miss not having my family and friends around me, but getting out of my comfort zone and coming to a new country has been exciting and challenging.

My interest in information technology was inspired by a computer science elective I took in high school. I excelled in the course and tutored my classmates. Following undergrad, I worked as a Business Analyst and IT Consultant at ThoughtWorks. In my role, I analyzed the client’s business domain, formulated product/project features, planned projects and managed teams to deliver value. I found that helping clients solve their customers’ problems was satisfying. I decided to pursue my MBA because I was interested in learning more about the business of information technology, in order to deliver more value to my clients. Tepper certainly attracts people with technology backgrounds and does a great job of helping them transition to the business side of the corporate world. Being able to leverage this support and study in a school with small class sizes (which allows me to really connect with my classmates and learn from them) makes Tepper a great fit for me.

I came to Tepper with strong quantitative skills, but the courses I’ve taken have taught me how to apply that knowledge to the decision-making process. The business acumen that I have built at Tepper will help me perform well in all areas of business. While the different subjects I’ve studied have helped me understand each area of business separately, I have more importantly gained an understanding of how they interact to make an idea a success and allow a company to work like a well-oiled machine. The case studies and competitions I engage in help me apply and test this theoretical knowledge.


It’s important to stay focused on the big picture when there are a lot of things going on, because vital tasks might be sidelined inadvertently.

When I came to Tepper, I assumed studying would be easy. But after just a three-year gap from undergrad, I found it somewhat difficult to get back on track. Don’t underestimate the importance of studying. I am exploring new avenues in the world of business and I am surprised to see myself evolve every single day. I love this experience.

The Accelerate Leadership Center is a key resource for the Tepper community. The center is focused on helping you become a strong leader, which encouraged me to pursue a Leadership Development Certification. With respect to presentation, communication and managerial activities, the center has always been there to assist with actionable recommendations.


I am a person with varied interests. I try to look at everything logically, and my optimism keeps me going. I’ve found that planning ahead and making to-do lists has helped me get things done efficiently. Schoolwork can sometimes take up a lot of space on my calendar. There have been days when I didn’t have a life outside of school, but in my free time, I enjoy working out, spending time with friends, playing the violin, reading and taking part in case competitions. I also enjoy exploring Pittsburgh. I like cities that aren’t too big and crowded, but still feel lively. Pittsburgh fits this description perfectly.

People are very welcoming at Tepper, and there is no shortage of activities. Being a student is not difficult when you’re part of such a huge student-focused community. Carnegie Mellon has many options to stay fit, such as racquetball, boxing, swimming and kickboxing. Tepper clubs organize a wide variety of events that make your time here filled with fun, such as Bollywood night and culinary events. Different clubs also help you develop role-specific expertise, whether it’s in technology, consulting, marketing or finance. Each functional area has its own timeline for internship recruitment and the clubs equip you with vital information. The Career Opportunities Center and second-years have helped me with resume building, company short-listing and behavioral preparation. They also organize treks to visit different companies and talk to alumni.

The network I build here will be with me for life. Everyone is so connected and always ready to assist others. Professors inspire us to think out of the box and try different things, while seniors are very supportive and have answered any questions I’ve had along the way. Without them, my journey would have been exponentially harder.