"The day after I was admitted, I received a call from a first-year student. This solidified my decision to come to the Tepper School."


Outdoorsman. Entrepreneurial. Driven.

I knew that I wanted to go into investment banking out of undergrad, but the recruiting process didn’t exactly play out as I had planned. As a result, every step that I have taken has been calculated to build the foundation that I knew I would need to ultimately get a job in the industry. 

I started out working at Family Dollar Stores in their supply chain department, where I was a replenishment buyer. It was there that I learned analytics, which prepared me to move into a role on the enterprise strategy team in their finance department. I continued to hone my skills in analytics and project management. This prepared me for a role in wholesale finance with Wells Fargo, which is where I spent the last two years before returning to grad school. 

I networked with multiple individuals in the investment banking industry and was told that the best way to get into the role with five years of work experience was to return to school to get my MBA from a top-rated program. 

In my free time I enjoy fishing, hiking, surfing, boating and other outdoor activities. I also ran an eBay business during my time in undergrad, and I continue to dabble with entrepreneurial ventures when I have the time. I also volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.


I chose the Tepper School for my MBA because I wanted to attend a school that had a focus on analytics and be a part of a tight-knit community. The day after I was admitted to the Tepper School, I received a call from a first-year student who began preparing me for what I needed to know to get an internship in investment banking. This solidified my decision to come to the Tepper School.

I came into the Tepper School without a quantitative background and have found individuals with those backgrounds to be easily approachable and willing to help get me caught up to speed in some of the class work. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out about the amount of social activities that are available. Every Thursday there is a Bar Night. It seems like there is a social activity put on by a different club every week.

The Graduate Finance Association has been instrumental in my professional growth and career search. The second-year students taught me everything that I needed to know for recruiting, which helped me to obtain an internship with Wells Fargo. I continue to hone my skills in leadership and organization as a board member of the club.


I would recommend anyone considering or coming to the Tepper School to meet with current students who are pursuing different career paths so that they can get a feel for what they might want to do when they get here. Recruiting starts pretty early for some industries, so the earlier one can decide on a career path, the better.