“Tepper is a small community, which requires everyone to stand up and be a leader. I really love that.”


Neuroscientist. Advocate. Traveler. 

First and foremost, I love science. I wanted to go into a field that would challenge me (and boy, studying the brain is hard work), and I’ve had some amazing doors opened to me as a result. I have 13 years of biotech and academic research experience, which has provided me with analytical and leadership skills that have helped define my Tepper experience. I decided to pursue my MBA because I knew I needed to develop skills to manage people and finances in order to take my career to the next level.

Tepper is an incredibly supportive school. I have a mixed quantitative background, and I focused a lot on science and some statistics work before coming to Tepper. So far, I have found the curriculum challenging but not insurmountable. I have worked hard and relied on my classmates’ experiences a lot; similarly, some of my classmates have relied on my statistics skills. In the end, everyone needs help in some way, with some class.

The community at Tepper is welcoming, but rigorous. We work very hard, but there’s a great sense of camaraderie. The Career Opportunities Center (COC) and Accelerate Leadership Center have been fantastic resources. I’ve relied on our strong alumni network to sharpen my cover letters, and used the COC and second-year students as resources to make my resume shine. I’ve honed my interview skills with first- and second-year students, while the COC helped me polish my stories. I couldn’t appreciate this type of support more. Tepper is a community where people are generous with their time. I have enjoyed conversations with current students and alumni, both recent and a little more “seasoned” in the working world.


I plan to leverage my biotechnology background and Tepper MBA in a research and development strategy role at a biopharmaceutical company in the San Francisco Bay area.


Save more money for school, but travel if and when you can. Also, no one is an expert in every subject. It’s okay to challenge yourself with tough classes!


I spent seven years in the Washington D.C. Metro Area, five years in Dallas, TX, and five years in the San Francisco Bay Area. The people in Palo Alto and San Francisco are wonderful, though the cost of living is astronomical. I grew up in a small town outside of Erie, PA, where I learned the full-force of lake-effect snow. I really enjoy living in Pittsburgh, where I have a number of friends from high school, college and beyond. I love that Pittsburgh, and specifically Shadyside, are incredibly walkable with a lot to do.

It’s important to me to fight for the disenfranchised and alienated groups in our society, specifically people whose sexual orientations and gender identities are “different.” I’m glad I’m “different” so that I can use my voice to speak for those who cannot. In Mini 1, I spoke at an event called “Coming Out Stories,” hosted by Out&Allied during National Coming Out Week. I had the opportunity – and challenge – of telling my story as a gay man and, in particular, during a very trying time when I faced a lot of adversity for being gay. I was scared and even broke down in the bathroom before the event! But the Tepper community – the first- and second-year students in attendance, the Admissions Office, and the Diversity Officer – all welcomed me, embraced me and reassured me that I would not have to live in fear during my time at Tepper.