"Gandhi says, 'Be the change you wish to see in the world,' so I smile a lot in hopes that I can brighten someone else’s day."


Optimist. Engineer. Disney Fanatic.

I was born and raised in Florida. My family is Egyptian, so I grew up spending my summers vacationing in Egypt. I’ve been inside the Pyramids of Giza and have taken a cruise down the Nile to see all the ancient Egyptian ruins in Luxor and Aswan.

I’ve always had a passion for science, math and technology but was unsure how to apply it. I grew up with a father who is a civil engineer with an intense passion for geology. I loved the idea of becoming an engineer, but I didn’t love rocks as much as he did! It wasn’t until my first year in college that I explored the other engineering fields and fell in love with the idea of an engineering field whose sole purpose was to simply make things better. I chose industrial engineering and that was the best decision of my life!

I know that I have the drive and passion to help people, and I have the technical background to make processes more efficient. The MBA would help build my business acumen to help me make smarter strategic decisions to reach my goals.

I enjoy working out, taking hikes, going to the beach and baking. I grew up going to Disney World almost every single weekend, so I’m a bit of a Disney fanatic! I love going to the beach and sitting in the sun, like any true Floridian would tell you. 


The Tepper School program really fit what I was looking for — the combination of both the technical and business aspects in a single MBA program. I also wanted to make sure that I had a connection with the school and students. The Part-Time Online Hybrid program really makes it easy to go to distance classes but still meet up often enough to build strong, lifelong relationships with my cohort.

At first I was concerned that the program would not provide enough face-to-face interaction, but I have been very happy with the level of interaction that is available. Each class has a live session once per week. Team projects allow students to meet up online and work together. And meeting about every two months helps build the network I was looking for.

The Tepper School culture is very eclectic. We are a business school with students who come from various backgrounds and schools of thought. For example, one of our teammates works at Google and tends to give creative solutions and examples to problems. Another classmate works at Keurig, and their stories tend to be toward problem solving single-serve coffee machines! My experiences heavily rely on building airplanes, providing yet another set of stories we can all learn from. In this way, the culture is very diverse and full of opportunity to learn from various backgrounds and experiences that each person has to share.

My favorite part of Access Weekends is the dinners at night with the entire class. Even though this is a distance program, we’ve really become a family — we celebrate birthdays and promotions and new babies! So when we all see each other at Access Weekends, it’s like a family reunion. I am so proud to say that my cohort is a group of people I plan to be friends with forever.


Working at Lockheed Martin as an Operations Specialist building airplanes, I am interacting with hundreds of people every day in various capacities — mechanics, technicians, engineers, vice presidents, etc. The practices I have learned at the Tepper School are helping me create positive experiences for the people around me and lead my team to achieve what we are aiming for.