"I am network builder who likes connecting people."


TRombone player. foodie. chemical engineer.

I decided to pursue an MBA because I want to help revitalize the Japanese manufacturing industry, which is facing stiff global competition.

When I worked as a product development engineer for a chemical manufacturing company, I saw many products that did not succeed in the market even though they had superior functions. I realized that technical advantage alone is no longer enough for Japanese manufacturing to win the global market.

In order to be part of the solution, I understood that I needed to strengthen my decision-making skills, gain a global perspective and learn to think about business issues in a different way. 


I chose the Tepper School because of the small class size, cross-departmental opportunities and the school’s reputation as a strong analytical program.

The tight-knit community is great. I can’t believe how many friends I have here. When I have a hard time studying, my friends spend time talking with me even though they are also extremely busy. They help me feel less alone in a different country. I thought that earning my MBA would be a challenge to endure by myself, but I was totally wrong. I have support from friends, faculty and family, which makes my achievements even more meaningful.

Another benefit of the program’s small size is easy access to faculty. Professors take time to speak with me and answer my questions. Their support has helped me survive and thrive in this program.

I am continuously learning at the Tepper School, and not just from faculty. Classmates inspire me with great insights. Most importantly, we challenge each other to grow. When I was hesitant to speak up in group discussions, my team members urged me to share my ideas. The Tepper School embraces a culture of respect for differences.

The Accelerate Leadership Center has cultivated my soft leadership skills. My counselor,  Ellie Hall listens to my stories, helps identify what leadership components I can improve upon, and then advises me on how I can enhance my skills.

I appreciate that CMU is borderless learning community with many opportunities for cross-campus collaboration. For example, I had a group project with engineering students, and I was able to participate in research in the Cyber Security Lab. At CMU, the collaborative culture encourages learning together. 

Our Japan Trek is my favorite Tepper School memory so far. I was a trip organizer and helped guide more than 40 Tepper students through the sights of Japan. I was happy to see my friends enjoy Japanese culture and food. 

I try to create new ways to connect people. I am on the diversity committee and am launching a language exchange program to connect students by providing them with opportunities to coach each other in a new language. I hope this helps connect people beyond class, club or nationality.


I love Pittsburgh. My favorite thing about Pittsburgh is how the city has embraced new technology. When I saw one of Uber’s autonomous vehicles, I was astonished both by the technology and the fact that Pittsburgh approved this test. 

My wife and I enjoy going to new restaurants. My favorite restaurant is Avenue B. Next time we go, I must remember to bring my own bottle. (BYOB is not common in Japan.) We also enjoy inviting friends to our home for dinner and attending classical and rock concerts.