Women at the Tepper School

Women MBAs propel success for businesses. At the Tepper School, we support the advancement of women through flexible program options, partnerships with nationally recognized organizations and an inclusive and supportive student experience.

Women MBAs propel success for businesses – that’s a proven fact and one that the Tepper School stands behind. Research shows that diversified teams make smarter business decisions and that having women in leadership roles provides opportunities for stronger, more engaged teams.

At the Tepper School, we are committed to preparing women for top leadership positions in global organizations by developing both the skills and confidence women MBAs need to succeed and take their careers to the next level. With your classmates and professors, you will find that you are part of a supportive, tight-knit community that is here to support your individual goals and push you to become the best business leader you can be.


Tepper Women In Business

The Tepper Women In Business club provides professional development, career-networking opportunities and educational workshops for its members. The club also coordinates social activities and mentoring opportunities to create an inclusive environment for women and allies to thrive in. Our overall mission is designed to help women in business increase their confidence, skills and knowledge to become successful business leaders, and to encourage allies to support women by creating a thriving environment that benefits all.

The Tepper Women In Business club accomplishes its mission through professional relationship building, social engagement, support, education and empowerment.


Meet Tea Gongadze

MBA Class of 2018
President, Tepper Women In Business Club
VP, social events, Out&Allied

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Tea's Perspective

"I come from one of the first all-women's colleges in the U.S. and the financial industry in New York City — for me, inclusivity is the key to thriving and I was lucky to find that at the Tepper School. The smaller, extremely tight community (with allies all around me) was exactly what I wanted to make a difference in the next chapter of my life. The Tepper School provided me with bottomless resources from professors, classmates and alumnae."


Forté Foundation

The Tepper School is a proud partner of the Forté Foundation, a consortium of major corporations, top business schools and nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to substantially increasing the number of women in business.

Forté Fellows

Through the admissions process, a number of women are selected to receive a Tepper School-funded Forté Fellowship. Along with the prestige of receiving this fellowship, fellows have an opportunity to work early with the Tepper School’s Career Opportunity Center in preparation for attending the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference and Career Fair. Conference attendees have the opportunity to explore career paths and meet recruiters, mentors and today’s influential businesswomen.

Forté Fellow Ambassadors

Each year, two women from the Tepper School are selected as Forté Fellow Ambassadors. These women play a pivotal role in connecting the Forté Foundation to the student body; ambassadors assist the campus program administration in communicating about the foundation and provide networking opportunities to fellow students on campus and locally.

cheryl-van jpg

Meet Cheryl Yan

MBA Class of 2018
VP, Finance, Tepper Women in Business Club
VP, Corporate Finance, Graduate Finance Association

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Cheryl's Perspective

"The Tepper School has some of the smartest and strongest women in the business world. I am proud and grateful to be surrounded by a supportive group who have helped me in accomplishing so much in my first year. I can't wait to see what we'll do in the second year and beyond our time at the Tepper School."


Women’s Visit Day

Each year, the Tepper School hosts specific visit days for promising female applicants to the Tepper School. In addition to the regular campus visit schedule, women are connected with faculty, staff, students and Tepper Women in Business club members to fully experience our community. 

Tepper Women in Business Conference

Scheduled alongside our Women's Visit Day, the Tepper Women in Business Conference (pdf) allows prospective women MBAs the opportunity to learn about the latest research regarding women in the workplace from Tepper School faculty, build a stronger professional network, and be inspired by successful women in top leadership positions.

Webinar: Discover the Difference at Tepper

Watch a previously recorded webinar for women who are interested in learning more about life at the Tepper School.

Hear From Current Tepper MBA Students

An engineer, musician, global manager and techie: women who earn their MBAs from the Tepper School come from a multitude of different backgrounds, educational levels and experiences.

In the News

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