Tepper School MBA Program Options

The Tepper School of Business MBA is delivered in three different formats: Full-Time (main campus in Pittsburgh); Part-Time (at our main campus via our evening program); and Part-Time Online.

Our three MBA formats have the same admissions requirements, the same coursework and the same professors. Because we do not sacrifice the standards of our degree, our students’ potential for transforming business is unlimited.

There’s no asterisk or fine-print with our programs. The Part-Time formats (both Part-Time On-Campus MBA and Part-Time Online MBA) offer the same academic experience and options as our Full-Time MBA program. This is a high bar to achieve among business schools, and we are committed to providing unparalleled consistency and standards among our MBA programs.

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  • Tepper School MBA – Full-Time

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      The Full-Time Tepper MBA program, currently ranked #15 by Businessweek, is completed over two years of study, including an internship in the summer between the first and second year, which is typical for most students. The student-led Graduate Business Association, along 35 student clubs, will be a key part of your experience. Small class size (roughly 75 students in core classes and 35 students in elective classes), teamwork and strategic application of leadership and analytics will define your career advantage.
  • Tepper School MBA – Part-Time Online

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      Ranked as the #2 Online MBA by U.S. News and World Report, our Online MBA program allows professionals who are unable to attend weekly, on-campus classes to earn the same Tepper School MBA as our Full-Time and Part-Time students through flexible, part-time online and on-site learning opportunities. Working professionals who find it difficult to travel to campus each week and are seeking flexible options that accommodate work/life balance often prefer the online format. The program is completed in approximately three years of study. Online students study from anywhere, and participate remotely in weekly synchronous and asynchronous classroom sessions. The Online MBA program is decidedly small; the Tepper School favors a learning format that promotes access to — and interaction with — professors, as well as a high degree of teamwork. Class sizes for the Online MBA format are approximately 50 to 60 students. The student experience includes comparable opportunities to on-campus Full-Time and Part-Time students, such as the corporate recruiting support and partnership with the Accelerate Leadership Center.
  • Tepper School MBA – Part-Time On-Campus

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      The part-time, on-campus program is our local, Part-Time MBA program. It is ranked #2 in the U.S. by Businessweek. Working professionals seek this option and complete the program during approximately three years of study. Part-Time students study on campus (the main campus is in Pittsburgh) and have small class sizes (approximately 70 to 80 students) that often include Full-Time MBAs. The student experience includes comparable opportunities to on-campus Full-Time students, such as the Accelerate Leadership Center, Graduate Business Association, student clubs and corporate recruiting support.