Part-Time Online MBA Program Structure

The Tepper School Online MBA features three learning formats for a flexible, online/on-site study experience.

The Tepper School Part-Time Online MBA is designed for the lifestyle and career needs of working professionals who are seeking a top-ranked online MBA within a part-time format. You may have a family, travel for your job or be unable to commit to a full-time on-campus option. We understand and have structured the delivery of our flexible Online MBA to feature live, real-time video learning, online MBA classes, self-paced learning and in-person, immersive, on-site class sessions. This hybrid model blends various formats — online, in-person and independent study — to provide a part-time degree that is rare among leading business schools.

Program formats suited to fit your needs

The Tepper School Online MBA features three learning formats for a flexible, online/on-site study experience:

  1. Access Weekends held every two months at Carnegie Mellon locations throughout the U.S, six total Access Weekends each year.
  2. Live online MBA (synchronous) learning — one live evening class once per week, per course (up to six times per mini), accessible anywhere via the Internet.
  3. Independent online (asynchronous) — additional recorded academic material including voiced-over presentations, readings, assignments and group work, accessible anywhere via the Internet.

Close-Knit Community

Access Weekend classes allows for a more personal learning experience between you, your professors and your classmates. The weekends build on the study experience by integrating professional development programming with Tepper School and Carnegie Mellon University alumni. Access Weekends provide a "bridge" between mini-semesters, so each on-site weekend visit (six times per academic year) features a semester wrap-up, as well as the introduction to the new, subsequent semester coursework. This allows Online MBA students the opportunity to work with their teams and professors in-person at key points during the coursework.

Online Learning

Our Online MBA program features live, real-time video conferencing. Each live (synchronous) course meets once per week for 70 minutes and features an interactive format that allows seamless viewing, response and participation. Our class sizes are designed to be small in order to ensure the best possible experience. During class, you will see your professors and classmates, and they will be able to see you. Just as with a traditional classroom, the live learning experience will be an informative, lively exchange between students and professors.


All classes are taught and recorded in our school’s education studios. Take advantage of cutting-edge, real-time technology tools to study for your MBA. Our program includes:

  • A learning management system that archives classes, videos, notes and documents for easy access.
  • Virtual study spaces and scheduling tools to accommodate student and team meetings. 
  • Communication and notification system that allows for easy access and customization.


We’ve kept our standards very high – the curriculum for the Online MBA program is the same as our Full-Time and Part-Time On-Campus counterparts. This is not a watered down Tepper School MBA. You will be taking the same classes, with the same materials, from the same professors as the Full-Time and Part-Time On-Campus programs. Online MBA students have access to class reviews with their professors and classmates, as well as options for tutorial support.

For more information on how you can make the Online MBA program work for you, please visit the Admissions section of our website and attend an information session