Tepper Quad: The B-School of the Future

In the last decade, only one business school in the U.S. has been designed and built to occupy the very center of its university campus. (Hint: It’s us.)

In 2018, the new Tepper Quad will be open for business. Our new building sits at the center of the Carnegie Mellon campus — elevating the business school as an interconnected partner for all seven colleges and serving as the hub for exchanging ideas.

While you’re learning alongside management researchers and professors, you’ll interact at the Tepper Quad with entrepreneurs, architects, robotics designers, computer scientists and other brilliant, creative minds from around the world. And you’ll be taking advantage of it every day.

This state-of-the-art facility offers MBA students access to:

  • Flexible, collaborative learning spaces — including built-in garage incubators where students will innovate, collaborate and test new ideas
  • Amenities such as the campus’s largest dining area and a new, contemporary fitness center
  • Faculty and program offices located in one building

Tepper Quad: By the Numbers

Tepper Quad Infographic