In-Depth Research

There are eight focused fields of study, and we also offer joint Ph.D. degrees in conjunction with other world-class colleges across the university campus.


    • Ph. D. Program in Accounting

      We provide rigorous training in accounting and related disciplines of economics, behavior science, finance, mathematics and other social science research methods.
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    • Ph. D. Program in Economics

      Graduates have exceptional research training in economic theory and the quantitative tools required for innovative research on complex economic problems.
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    • Ph. D. Program in Financial Economics

      This field devotes attention to the study of the effects of information, attitudes toward risk, taxation, macroeconomic fluctuations, and security market prices.
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    • Ph. D. Program in Business Technologies

      This program emphasizes the design, use and evaluation of information/communication systems supporting decision-making in key, information-intensive business arenas.
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    • Ph. D. Program in Marketing

      Studies include brand-choice models, analytical and structural models, marketing/operations interface, marketing/IT interface and theories of consumer behavior.
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    • Ph. D. Program in Operations Management

      Includes a range of interests ranging from quantitative modeling to empirical studies using tools from OR, stochastic processes, AI, statistics, econometrics and economics.
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    • Ph. D. Program in Operations Research

      Study encompasses analytics leading to decision-making algorithms, the development of new models for management science applications and controlled experimentation.
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    • Ph. D. Program in Organizational Behavior & Theory

      We provide broad, interdisciplinary training with CMU’s engineering, public policy, human-computer interaction, social & decision sciences and psychology departments.
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    • Joint Ph.D. Programs

      Interdisciplinary degrees offered in conjunction with other world-class colleges and academic departments at Carnegie Mellon University.
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    • Student Awards

      Each year, our Ph.D. students are honored for their research with the annual student awards. Review all current and past winners by reading more.
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    • Ph. D. Dissertation Proposals and Defenses

      View the upcoming defenses and proposals of current doctoral candidates, and the dissertations of Ph.D. students.
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