Explore six eclectic and memorable neighborhoods that most Tepper MBAs call home. Impressive affordability, safety along with dining, retail and nightlife options make these spots our top picks.

20-somethings relax in neighborhood

Where to Live

Known for its low cost of living and growing diversity of cultural treasures, Pittsburgh has topped six “Most Livable Cities” lists since 2000. Find out more at Visit Pittsburgh and Urbanist Guide.

The following neighborhoods are common choices for Tepper School students due to their proximity to campus and access to basic services. Each community offers its own history and charm, and all come with the added benefit of fellow Tepper School students nearby for study groups and carpooling. 

Other neighborhoods may suit you well — like Regent Square, East Liberty or the South Side. Check with Admissions and current students for advice on where to live.

Lawerenceville_09 jpg


Amid a transformation from an industrial housing district to a hipster haven, this highly affordable neighborhood attracts students and artists, who have rejuvenated the area’s culture. (2.7 miles from campus) 

Shadyside_08 jpg    


This upscale residential area that is the most popular neighborhood for Tepper School students blends affluent families and young professionals alongside popular shopping and dining options. (1 mile from campus)

SquirrelHill_03 jpg


This large, quiet neighborhood is home to many long-time residents and temporary renters who take frequent advantage of the easy walk to the business district and nearby parks. (1.6 miles from campus)

Bloomfield_04 jpg


Pittsburgh’s Little Italy is a primarily working-class area with a highly urban feel that has recently become a hip haven for young adults who have cultivated a rich nightlife. (1.8 miles from campus)

Friendship_02 jpg


This small community was originally developed as a streetcar suburb for white-collar professionals and includes mostly family homes, many of which have been converted to apartments. (1.8 miles from campus)

Oakland_01 jpg


Home not only to Carnegie Mellon University, this highly urban community boasts several universities and hospitals, and an overwhelming majority of its population is student renters.

Highland Park_02 jpg

Nestled around a large park of the same name, this federally recognized Residential Historic District is a quiet community of families and young professionals settled away from the clamorous parts of the city. (3 miles from campus)