Nestled around a large park of the same name, this federally recognized Residential Historic District is a quiet community of families and young professionals settled away from the clamorous parts of the city.

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Highland Park


At A Glance

  • Median resident age: 37.5
  • Average household: 2.2
  • Median rent: $764
  • Median home value: $186,394
  • Median household income: $49,931

A defining feature of the neighborhood Highland Park is the eponymous park it encompasses — 380 acres of land designated for public use in the late 1800s to fulfill the need for a reservoir for drinking water. The park contains numerous walking trails and a popular half-mile bike track, as well as the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium — one of only six zoos in the country with an incorporated aquarium. The availability of recreational activities, lack of busy major streets and low cost of living as compared to some of the surrounding neighborhoods has made Highland Park an attractive area for families as well as many of Pittsburgh’s graduate students and young professionals.

Like several other areas of Pittsburgh, Highland Park initially developed as a “streetcar suburb” — a residential community that generally lacks a dedicated business district intended for professionals to commute by streetcar. As a result, the Victorian and Colonial homes that dominate the neighborhood are closer together than in a typical suburb, and the roads are wide and flat, allowing for plenty of street parking. Due to the decline of nearby East Liberty in the late 20th century, Highland Park developed its own small business district along Bryant Street, consisting mostly of chic and upscale restaurants.

Fun Facts

  • The federal government added Highland Park Historic District to its National Register of Historic Places in 2007, recognizing nearly 2,000 residences constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Popular Places

Getting Around

Port Authority Bus Routes

  • 71A Negley: East Liberty, Shadyside, Oakland, Downtown
  • 71B Highland Park: East Liberty, Shadyside, Oakland, Downtown
  • 75 Ellsworth: Waterworks Mall, Pittsburgh Zoo, East Liberty, Bakery Square, Shadyside, Oakland, South Side Works
  • 87 Friendship: Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Zoo, East Liberty, Friendship, Bloomfield, Strip District, Downtown


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