This upscale residential area that is the most popular neighborhood for Tepper School students blends affluent families and young professionals alongside popular shopping and dining options.

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At A Glance

  • Median resident age: 29.6
  • Average household: 1.7
  • Median rent: $1,030
  • Median home value: $295,419
  • Median household income: $49,374

Shadyside’s allure for the many students who live there is its wealth of options for activities throughout the day and into the evening. Major thoroughfares through the area — including Walnut Street, Ellsworth Avenue and South Highland Avenue — bustle with popular national stores, whimsical gift shops, high-end boutiques, vintage stores and intimate art galleries. A variety of restaurants and coffee shops, as well as bars and lounges (including some of the city’s gay and gay-friendly hotspots) make Shadyside a favorite hangout spot.

This mid-19th century region was named in recognition of the area’s numerous shady lanes that cut across the major business districts and remains a popular area for both young renters in the convenient apartment complexes along the business districts and affluent families who live in picturesque Victorian homes throughout the neighborhood. While street parking can be a challenge in this population-dense region, public transportation is close by and connects the neighborhood to many of Pittsburgh’s most popular destinations, including the Carnegie Mellon campus.

Fun Facts

Popular Places

Getting Around

Carnegie Mellon Shuttle Services

  • A Route - North Oakland, Lower Shadyside
  • B Route - Upper Shadyside
  • AB Route - North Oakland, Shadyside (off hours and weekends)
  • Escort Service - 1.5-mile radius from campus (evening and late night)

Port Authority Bus Routes

  • 64 Lawrenceville-Waterfront: The Waterfront, Squirrel Hill, Friendship Park, Children’s Hospital, Bloomfield, Lawrenceville
  • 71B Highland Park: Highland Park, East Liberty, Oakland, Downtown
  • 71C Point Breeze: Wilkinsburg, Point Breeze, Bakery Square, East Liberty, Oakland, Downtown
  • 71D Hamilton: Wilkinsburg, Point Breeze, Oakland, Downtown
  • 75 Ellsworth: Waterworks Mall, Pittsburgh Zoo, Highland Park, East Liberty, Bakery Square, Oakland, South Side Works
  • 82 Lincoln: Bakery Square, East Liberty, North Oakland, Hill District, Downtown
  • 86 Liberty: Wilkinsburg, Bakery Square, East Liberty, Bloomfield, Strip District, Downtown
  • East Busway flyer: Swissvale, Wilkinsburg, Homewood, East Liberty, Downtown

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