Supporting Students Through Their Academic Experience

All business students are assigned to an advisor upon entry into the Tepper School, and this advisor stays with them until graduation. 

Our academic advisors develop relationships with students that encourage them to explore their interests, challenge themselves in the curriculum, and develop leadership and professional skills through active involvement.

Advisors guide students to:

  • Develop suitable educational plans.
  • Select appropriate courses and other educational experiences.
  • Evaluate progress toward their established goals.
  • Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Become independent learners by reinforcement of their self-direction.
  • Clarify career and life goals.
  • Students are expected to meet with their advisors at least once each semester.
Undergrad Business Student Testimony

"Throughout the year, I never felt like I was going into anything unprepared because I always had the advice and assistance of my academic advisor. When you first come to college, everything is new — new city, new people, new living situation. It can be intimidating. Having the resources and guidance to make sure it is not overwhelming is one of the best facets of the Tepper School."

— Mansi Kumar, undergraduate business student

Undergraduate Course Catalog

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